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  • Audiophileoholic- Andrew Perkins

Steel Panther Rocking With The Fat Girls

Certain people just have a way of making political correctness meaningless. These few charmed individuals such as shock jock Howard Stern, late night comedians, even a few notable politicians can escape the backlash from a few misplaced words or phrases. Well Steel Panther is another addition to this enviable list. They take glam metal to a whole new level of fun and comedy. Mixing 80's metal with outrageous lyrics, Steel Panther takes their listener back to their teenage years. Where we laughed at off color jokes and goofed on our friends without them suffering significant offense. This band of merry makers are singing their way to Indianapolis on Thursday December 6th. Playing at the Old National Centre Egyptian Room. Don't miss their unique yet thrilling brand of rock and roll and good times.

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