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Blue October – Bunbury 2019

The band Blue October has been a favorite of mine since the late 90’s. I saw them in concert once before, so I already knew they would put on an amazing show. When I saw their name on the Bunbury Festival lineup, I admit to being really excited about having another chance to see them live. Their story of making it to the top, falling down, and getting back up again is extremely inspiring to me. They are not quite to the level they were before, but they are almost there. A lot of their original fans have stuck by them, and they continue to bring in new fans all the time. The Bunbury Festival proved that they can rock a stage and bring in a very large crowd. I overheard several people around me saying they had not heard of them before, but that they were fans now. Blue October certainly came ready to rock and they put on an amazing performance. The crowd really got into every song. There were lots of hands in the air during “Into the Ocean.” Even when they slowed things down with “How to Dance in Time” and asked everyone to “kiss or dance with someone you love” the crowd was really involved and loving every second of the song. Lead singer Justin Furstenfeld knows how to work a crowd. He is not one to just stand at the mic and sing to the crowd and be done. Instead he always walks the stage. You can tell he really enjoys interacting with the audience. The Bunbury fans did not disappoint either. They pumped their fists, jumped around, and sang along with the lyrics to many songs. It always feels good to see the fans and the band with the same level of energy. Blue October never fails to bring the energy, and they proved that once again during the Bunbury Festival.

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