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Ice Nine Kills at the Blue Ribbon Pavilion at Indiana State Fairgrounds on November 6, 2023

The Kiss of Death Tour with In This Moment


Photos by Shelby Price

Review by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)

Boston-based Ice Nine Kills (INK) returned to the Blue Ribbon Pavilion at Indiana State Fairgrounds on November 7 on their co-headlining tour with In This Moment, and it was a sight to behold. After fantastic performances by New Year’s Day, AVATAR, and In This Moment, excitement was high as fans eagerly anticipated the start of their set.

After a creepy recorded introduction by the Cryptkeeper, the band began their set with their 2021 hit, “Hip to Be Scared.” Suddenly, everyone was singing along, which was kind of weird considering the theme of the song, which was murder.

Actually, the theme of most of INK’s songs is murder. The Boston-based five-piece takes inspiration from classic and contemporary horror films for their lyrics, which are laid like wreaths on the band’s blend of horrorcore, metal, and melodic hardcore sound. Although it may sound gimmicky at first, once you see their show live, you’ll understand why they’ve become so popular so quickly. In addition to providing audio thrills, there all kinds of shenanigans on stage, including a beheading, a creepy clown, stabbings, and more. Lead singer Spencer Charnas was simultaneously charming and sinister as he portrayed various villains throughout the show. As a spectator, it was hard to know where to look because the whole thing was so damn entertaining.

The fans loved every minute of the fourteen-song set, as evidenced by the frequent crowd surfing and constant singing along. The band showcased tunes from their entire discography, including their newest release, “Meat & Greet.” After after the final song, “Welcome to Horrorwood,” it seemed as though a spell had been broken. Dazed concertgoers blinked in the sudden lights and house music, reluctant to go home after such a spellbinding performance. Or maybe they were too scared to leave...


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