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Indigo De Souza at The Hi-Fi Indy on April 6, 2024


Photos and Review by Hadyn Mayes (Photography by Halo)

It's 10:02 pm, and it's time for Indigo De Souza to take the stage at the Hi-Fi. The whole room is filled with a ringing sound, setting up anticipation for her first song. It's silent as the room waits for her first strum of the guitar. She starts the show with “Be My Love.” At the end she smiles and says ,“Thank you so much; we’re happy to be here!” She connects well with her fans in the front and is obviously excited to get the rest of her set going.


Her next song is “All Of This Will End.” Right as the song starts the audience is cheering loudly; they were anticipating this tune. The audience gets some moving and dancing going. I see some groups of people laughing and jumping together. There is obviously joy in the air. She goes back and forth in her set with upbeat songs and some slower tunes, but the room never drops in energy. Even in her ballads, she has the audience wrapped around her finger. I noticed that nobody had their phone out at this performance, enjoying the live moment rather than their screen.


Indigo De Souza had great confidence on the stage. She was very poised and relaxed, commanding the attention of the audience, which they were happy to give. She made sure to keep the vibe of the show upbeat, almost as if you were watching an old friend on stage. Even in her slower moments, there was still joy in the room; everyone was excited to see her set. Shoutout to her second guitarist who would play piano and guitar at the same time in some of the songs! Overall a wonderful evening at the Hi-Fi with Indigo De Souza!

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