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Sammy Hagar and The Circle - Crazy Times Tour - in Noblesville, Indiana June 15, 2022 By Laura Fox

After watching Sammy Hagar, A.K.A. The Red Rocker, perform at Ruoff Music Center Wednesday night, I’m starting to wonder if tequila might be the elixir of youth. The 74-year-old looked and performed like a dude in his 50s throughout an impressive 16-song set. No, he wasn’t leaping around the stage or anything like that, but he had plenty of energy, a strong voice, mad guitar skills, and an amazing rapport with the audience.

I was super impressed with the way Hagar introduced the rest of The Circle at the very start of the set. Drummer Jason Bonham, bassist Michael Anthony, and lead guitarist Vic Johnson are all highly credentialed and it showed. Performing with almost effortless ease, Sammy Hagar and The Circle were tight, cohesive, and obviously doing what they love. Spirits were high (no pun intended) as they played songs from Montrose (Hagar’s first band), Van Halen, Sammy Hagar and the Wabos, and solo Sammy Hagar. It was a well-rounded set, and I can just about guarantee everyone at Ruoff knew every song.

The other thing that impressed me was the way Hagar interacted with the crowd. Although he was wearing sunglasses, I assume he was making eye contact when he spoke directly to audience members between nearly every song. He looked relaxed, joking around, teasing a little, and even sharing his beverages with the audience. He also graciously autographed items that were passed up to him, including a Chickenfoot vinyl and several license plates. Whatever you may think of Hagar’s past antics, these actions elevated him in my eyes.

Noblesville was one of many, many stops on the Crazy Times world tour. Trust me when I say you need to catch this show – you’ll thank me if you do. Here’s your link for more info:


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