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  • Laura Fox - LLFoxphotos

The Four Horsemen Ride Triumphant The Vogue July 16, 2021 By Laura Fox

It may have been relatively quiet in the rest of Broad Ripple, Indiana, last night, but The Vogue was rocking hard to the blistering licks of The Four Horsemen, a Metallica tribute band that absolutely shredded the night.

The four-piece from Ohio played an unbelievable 22-song set including only songs from Metallica’s first five albums. (“From ‘Black’ to back,” vocalist/guitarist Sean Perry explained.) And they performed them masterfully. I was mesmerized watching their fingers and drumsticks fly as they thrashed out the old-school tunes. Lead guitarist Perry’s vocals and intensity were amazingly similar to James Hetfield’s, yet he was relaxed and easy-going when talking to the audience. His self-deprecating matter belied an innate talent as he told little stories and explained about the songs to the crowd.

Band and audience members alike did plenty of head banging, which was a beautiful sight to behold after more than a year of concert cancellations and postponements. Horns in the air, people – live metal is back!


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