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  • Nick Shotwell

Third Eye Blind TCU Amphitheater, Indianapolis Indiana

July 7, 2022


On Thursday, July 7 Third Eye Blind returned to Indianapolis for the first time since 2019 when they toured with Jimmy Eat World. This time they brought opening acts, Hockey Dad and Taking Back Sunday. It was hot and muggy and the TCU Amphitheater was packed with music fans.


Hockey Dad got an already hot TCU Amphitheater a little hotter. Admittedly, I wasn’t very familiar with the band. But, that’s why they were there, for exposure and they made a great impression on Indianapolis. Billy Fleming (drummer) really brought a lot of positive energy. First of all, his drum kit was right up front and when he and singer Zach Stephenson walked on stage, he smiled huge, acknowledged the crowd, and got started. Fleming pretty much smiled the entire time and tossed a drum stick out to the crowd at the conclusion of their set. I got a quick picture of the guy who caught the awesome souvenir! Hockey Dad brought the energy and positive vibes all the way from Australia and it was a good start to a great night in Indianapolis.


Taking Back Sunday rocked TCU in a way that brought back feelings from when I first started going to alternative rock concerts in the mid-90’s. Taking Back Sunday was loud and polished with an animated Adam Lazzara swinging the corded mic around his neck, and they sounded like pure, “old fashioned” 90’s rock. I’ve seen some lead vocalists who stay spatially and physically static. But, Lazzara pranced around stage like he owned it, flipping his long hair in front of his face like a veil while whipping and catching the microphone like Roger Daltrey. John Nolan, guitar, pretty much played it cool as possible while Shaun Cooper maxed out the bass guitar, working up a sweat and Mark O'Connell served the beat on drums. Taking Back Sunday rocked Indianapolis Friday night and tee’d up Third Eye Blind a buzzed and happy crowd.


This was my third time seeing Third Eye Blind. On August 2nd, 2007 when my daughter was less than a month old, my friend Stephen Albanese, who had joined Third Eye Blind on tour as photographer, was with them in town and I was able to join him and see an awesome show and it was the first time I had ever been behind, or right in front of a stage during a concert. Back then I hadn’t even handled a “real” camera before and had no idea I would ever shoot any band, let alone, Third Eye Blind on my own twelve years later in 2019 when they toured with Jimmy Eat World. This time Stephan Jenkins let the Indy crowd know they were happy to be back with us again. They sort of paced themselves the first three songs with Jenkins wearing a loose-fitting long-sleeve outfit and he, Alex LeCavalier (Bassist), Colin Creev (keyboards, guitar), Kryz Reid (guitarist), and Brad Hargreaves (drums) hung back on the rear-tier of the zig-zagging stage ramp.


What was pretty cool about how they started with Ways and Thanks a Lot is they each maneuvered on stage to face Hargreaves as sort of a “homage” to the work of the drummer. After their third song, Dust Storm, off their latest album, Our Bande Apart, they maneuvered closer to the front of the stage and put on a great show that was balanced between new music, classic hits, and electric and acoustic guitar. I would really have to say “balanced” was a theme that came to my mind with how Jenkins peppered fans with true favorites along with incorporating newer and perhaps, future favorites, such as Box of Bones.

If you missed them, or want to plan to see them on tour, see the full schedule at A portion of the tour’s proceeds will go toward restoring a portion of the Palos Verdes Kelp Forest, also known as the Blind Reef. Below is the set list from Third Eye Blind on July 7, 2022 at Indianapolis, Indiana’s TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park. Intro (Ways)

Thanks a Lot

Dust Storm

Anything (Partial)


Crystal Baller

Never Let You Go

The Kids Are Coming (To Take You Down)


Palm Reader

Shipboard Cook



The Background (Stephen acoustic solo)

Box of Bones

Losing a Whole Year

Motorcycle Drive By

Blinded (When I See You)


Funeral Singers

Semi-Charmed Life (encore)

Bonfire Chant (encore)


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