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Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Gainbridge Fieldhouse on December 26, 2023 - Savannah's View


Review by Savannah Shotwell

The stage erupts into a searing pit of flame. Bursting from all directions, the flames set the performers alight. It blinds and overtakes every sense, but not as much as the music coming from the stage itself; music that pierces the soul rather than eyesight.

The Trans-Siberian orchestra (TSO) just performed at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis during their annual winter tour. Their music and storytelling abilities are unlike any other. The gentle lull of the pianist, the jarring radiance of the electric guitar, and the captivating voices all melded themselves into alluring music that enchants every listener.


Not only do they tell many stories surrounding Jesus’s birth in the music itself, but there is a storyline goes with some of the songs. Storyteller Phillip Brandon’s crisp and raspy vocals truly transported listeners into another land. His incredible voice opened the eyes of Indianapolis to a girl who had run away from home, and how she made her way back, with the help of a mysterious friend.


When most people think of Christmas, they think of color, peace, and gentle music. After seeing the TSO’s winter performance, you’ll be thinking of everything black and many choruses of rockin’ music will be circling repeatedly in your head. Along with this, you’ll be filled with the remembrance of the true spirit of and reason for the Christmas season.

Although most of the TSO’s music is enticing rock music that will make you want to jump from your seat and start headbanging, there’s truly something for everyone. Chloe Lowery’s vocals are out of this world and her range knows no limits. Even though it’s hard to give a title to her surreal singing, it was almost pop-like, far from the raspy voice most of the singers have to achieve with the rock style the orchestra shoots for. And every eye in the stadium turned to look as the beyond-talented April Lowery was raised up in a massive snow globe in an outfit of pure white and silver to sing a Beethoven opera.

No matter what style of music you listen to, there’s something for everyone to get into the Christmas spirit at the TSO concert. The orchestra proves that no matter what aesthetic or music tastes a person may have, everyone can enjoy Christmas music. It is truly a performance for all, and the stadium was filled with people of all ages and walks of life.

Even the cast themselves had a magnetic energy about them. They seemed to have unspoken communication between them, making gestures at each other as well as laughing and joking with each other. They were all completely at ease and seemed to be having a great time. One such example is when Angus Clark and Asha Mevlana playfully fought with each other, seemingly competing over who had the best sounding instrument.

They even had unforgettable interactions with the audience. When Clark raised his fist as he’s raised up on a podium after playing an electric solo on his signature guitar, the audience couldn’t help but follow suit. He also got the whole stadium to wave their hands back and forth in sync with the striking of bells in one of the songs.

The Trans-Siberian orchestra never fails to wrap all things black, all things rock and roll, and all things music into a lovely bow for all music lovers each Christmas season. Their thought-provoking performances are something no one should miss, it is a time for everyone to take a break, and experience some of the joys that come with the TSO’s new take on the sounds of Christmas.

To find out more about TSO, click on the link below:

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