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Rod Tuffcurls and the Bench Press + Six Foot Blond at The Vogue Indy

October 29, 2022

Photos and Review by Mike Bowen

Back in May, at a concert at the HiFi, Rod Tuffcurl and the Bench Press announced they would be celebrating Haloween, back in Indy, at the Vogue. The theme was to be Legitimate Musical Theater. I knew it would be sold out.

I knew it was going to be fun and I knew I was going to be there. Since the music is never disappointing, I also knew the party would be as much about the crowd, their enthusiasm and the costumes they would wear. I was not wrong.

The show was opened by Six Foot Blond, a band that frequently plays with RT and the BP. Their set was extremely well done and included many familiar covers along with some original songs. They are a perfect compliment to the headliner as their music is recognizable, fun and very well performed.

Then, true to the Musical Theater theme and to the delight of the crowd, Rod and the boys played treats from Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera, Mulan, Rent and others. These were then accompanied by songs more

familiar to Tuffcurlers(?) and the party was ON!

I include here, mostly shots of the fans who took the time to don their Haloween best as they made the show an absolute delight.

And, another announcement was made; get your tickets now, for New Year's Eve, Saturday 12/31, at the Vogue with Rod and his tube-socked cohorts. Maybe I'll be there to take your picture.


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