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  • Andrew Perkins

Plugged in with Mondo Cozmo

Last Friday, I was frantically trying to get outta town with Mondo Cozmo being number one on my agenda to see and interview at Forecastle Music Festival. Ostensibly, all was going as drawn for departure and arrival. Then, as many experience in this short life, that fateful call came from my wife that my one year old son was being rushed to the emergency room. Fortunately, he was examined by the on-call physician and was fine after his daredevil escapade. This unnerving foray afforded me the opportunity to examine the emotional bomb one feels when we hear potentially devastating news. Circumstances as they were, knowing my son was OK, I began the trek to Louisville again. Pondering my encounter with Mondo Cozmo and our impending discourse. In my head, I could hear a distinctive voice singing, “Shine down a light on me and show a path and I promise you I will return if you take me back.” ” Everything will be alright if you let it go.” So this was my mantra on my 2 hour journey. Subtle, yet, prophetic all the same. “Shine” has hit #1 on the Triple A charts and since has become a gritty summer hit. Mondo Cozmo brings the excitement of cathartic and illuminating music to the stage each and every evening. Upon meeting Josh Ostrander AKA Mondo Cozmo, I briefly told him and his manager about my ordeal. Here’s where humanity would “Shine” so to speak. Even though I was there to discuss Mondo’s meteoric rise in the music world, he was asking about my son and was as genuine a human being as could be. Thus, we engaged in a smooth dialogue as if reacquainting with a dear friend. Our conversation centered on the life of a rock star and the competition one feels not only internally but externally living in Los Angeles. It’s no surprise Josh surrounds himself with supportive friends and musicians, where they are inclined to be quite happy with the success one another encounters. The caveat that was shared is that there are “some evil pitfalls” out there on the West Coast one must avoid at all costs, lest you could be ensnared in a horrible outcome. Another anecdote Josh shared with me was meeting the great Ringo Starr. Josh related to me that Ringo seemed a genuine man that truly was interested in the workings of Mondo Cozmo. This being said, I felt the same way about Mondo Cozmo. He is a genuine man concerned about those surrounding him. Mondo Cosmo has a new album being released Plastic Soul set to be released August 4th. Check out a rocking new song from that album called “Automatic.”


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