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  • Andrew Perkins

*Repeat after me.....

*repeat repeat is a band formed by Jared Corder- singer/front man, Kristyn- vocals and keys, Andy Harris- drums. After finishing their first ever set at Forecastle Music Festival in Louisville Kentucky, they meander over to the media tent in a jovial mood. And for good reason. The crowd had just enjoyed a very memorable blend of unique and edgy melodies thanks to this trio’s of musical geniuses. On stage, the chemistry between them is dynamic, spontaneous, and telepathic, with each note baring a singular sense of purpose and ease.

Their sound has an unique and edgy vibe: clear vocals, precise drumbeats, dark and tonal guitar chords. The lyrics are logical and meticulous. Generally I dislike comparing bands with peers, but in this case one can hear a hint of the B-52’s, Modest Mouse, White Stripes. This being said, their music is really a tribute to the a rare sound that blends garage rock, punk, pop, surf, influence’s onto one stage.

After a brief photo session, we discussed signing to Dangerbird Records where they have an exciting new album in the works set for September, a new tour with Beach Slang. During our discourse, Kristyn revealed, “I’m thrilled that we get to tour with Beach Slang.” “It should be a great pairing of us playing a more mellow set followed by those guys more aggressive and gritty music.” I concur the match up of these two fantastic groups should lend itself to an overwhelming show full of musical surprises. Another interesting topic was the sense of community they feel living and recording in Nashville Tennessee. Kristyn stated, “We have such great relationships with so many artists in the city and there is a real sense of camaraderie amongst us.” “In particular Margo Price has been such a great influence to us as well as watching Coin become so massively popular is a real treat too.” All the best to this rising band. It was such an honor getting to chat with them and watch an exciting set.


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