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  • Andrew Perkins

American Roots - Conor Oberst

Each encounter with new music is an incredible experiential event for me. I have vivid memories as a kid opening my siblings albums. Oftentimes, I would sit and glare at the images found front and center. The somewhat musty smell of albums lingers in my mind. Otherworldly images from Boston, The Cars, ELO, Weather Report, Herb Alpert, and the multitude of 70’s choices present next to the family stereo system. As time has progressed, opening CD’s and anticipating the resonance of each new singer’s voice, the timbre of the guitar, as well as the beat of the rhythm section, has brought equal joy. All this, dear reader, leads me to my main train of thought. That is, my feelings upon hearing Conor Oberst Ruminations brought back memories of the joy surrounding new and innovative music. Not only was the music scintillating to my ears, it was a remembrance of what a masterful and raw lyricist we have in Conor Oberst. The sounds hearken back to the great music writers of the 70’s with detailed, yet simple stories of life, despair, and love.

If we were to dissect the career of Conor, I would simply suggest he was an Alt Country pioneer. When I listen to Bright Eyes, I hear the Roots/Country theme in many a song that preceded the great Americana movement we see and hear from many musical acts of present day. With all this in mind, I highly anticipate a wonderful set by Conor Oberst at Forecastle Music Festival this weekend in Louisville Kentucky. Conor Oberst – Sunday July 16,2017 @ 6pm – Boom Stage.

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