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  • Laura Fox - LLFoxphotos

Machine Gun Kelly at Bunbury Music Fest

If you were to run into Machine Gun Kelly on the street, you might think he’s just some punk white kid trying to look gangster. But watching him perform live, you realize he’s the real deal. The huge crowd that gathered at the Monster Energy stage on Friday, May 31 certainly realized it. As they chanted “MGK, MGK” rapper/hip-hop artist, strode onto the stage and immediately started spitting out rapid- fire, angry raps. Backed by his crew (AKA EST.19XX), MGK (AKA Richard Colson Baker) kept the fans fired up throughout his set, constantly moving across the stage, pointing, jumping, gesturing, and urging them to join in. At the very back of the stage, drummer Rook (AKA JP Cappelletty), almost stole the show, wailing on the drums while wearing a fur coat. He seemed to have more passion than he could contain, and frequently jumped up on his kit to dance and rap along with MGK. Although I couldn’t identify with most of the lyrics, I really enjoyed the set – the old-school rap/hip hop had a solid, gritty, rustbelt backbone I could definitely relate to. Machine Gun Kelly will be on tour until the end of September in support of his new album, Hotel Diablo.

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