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  • Camber Sollberger

Gimme Gimme Disco Dance Party at The Vogue Theater on 02/24/23

Indianapolis, Indiana

Review by Camber Sollberger

Disco was proven to be alive and well as The Vogue opened its doors to another Gimme Gimme Disco night on Friday, February 24. Dual DJs took the stage in pops of color, matching the vibes of the crowd. This sold-out event was packed to the brim. Partygoers jived and drank into the early morning to hits from ABBA and other disco-era artists.

This is my second time going to Gimme Gimme Disco in Indianapolis, and it did not disappoint. Handsdown, my favorite part about themed events are the outfits. I drowned in a sea of sequin jumpsuits, colorful bell bottoms, and statement glasses. Many of the crowd members boogied across the stage, giving the crowd a better look at their 70s and 80s inspired garb.

Security was visible and active, keeping partygoers safe, sometimes at the expense of fun antics like spinning and jumping on stage. They were also quick to kick everyone out into the cold at the end of the show, which was freezing as we waited for rides to arrive.

The DJs opted for mostly disco-era music. They played the ABBA hit “Gimme Gimme” twice, first as the opener for the night, and then again when the clock struck Midnight - perfect placement. The high volume of ‘70s and ‘80s disco hits were appreciated as it stays true to the theme; however, the crowd was filled with those in their 20s and 30s. The DJs threw in some modern hits like “Mr. Brightside” as the night got later, and the crowd went wild for it. Some would say the modern songs have no place in a Disco event, but I personally would recommend a handful more modern songs mixed into the set list to keep the crowd engaged. Most song transitions were mixed well and the DJs continually interacted with the crowd. They took a number of breaks from the stage, but they came back with energy and excitement.

Balloons filled the air and confetti cannons fired all throughout the night. Both DJs were charming and thoughtful of the crowd's needs. One DJ was seen passing out leis to those near the front of the stage. I recognized him and his pink hair from Emo Nite back in January (link to previous review?), where he took the stage as a dancing crowd member for most of the evening. The other DJ spoke about his time in the military, warning crowd members of the impending confetti cannons. He later recorded a fun, heartfelt video of himself and the crowd to send to his mother. All in all, a job well done and a night well spent.

This groovy event is an Indianapolis favorite, often selling out at The Vogue. Next time Gimme Gimme Disco comes to town, I recommend grabbing a ticket. It is a fun, funky, high energy event that welcomes all who walk through the door. See you at the next one. Peace out.

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