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  • Camber Sollberger

Show Review: Milky Chance at TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park on 06/25/23

Indianapolis, Indiana

Review by Camber Sollberger

Milky Chance, who is currently on the road with Young the Giant and opener TALK stopped by Indianapolis on Sunday, June 26 at the TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park. They are a group full of energy and unique sound. This was my second time seeing Milky Chance, and they did not disappoint. Clemens Rehbein and Antonio Greger, the original duo from Berlin, Germany are joined by two other bandmates to round out their sound for a fun and funky time. All four were dressed for the weather with short-sleeved button ups, but those buttons did not get much use. It was quite hot Sunday, and we were lucky the bad weather was staved off since tornado sirens were going off just hours earlier.

The lighting was well done and the sound was clear. High quality performance with high quality performers. Lead vocalist Rehbein has a stellar stage performance, constantly jumping around and impressing the crowd with new moves. He seems to have been born with rhythm and just has been refining it until this point. One of my favorite moments was when he performed what he called “a classic love song” solo on stage, and then was joined by Antonio Greger, who then gave us an amazing harmonica solo. Greger brought out the harmonica a couple more times that night, and it was always the highlight for me. I think the harmonica is underrated, especially if you can use it like Greger. Plus, I loved his outfit, a breezy summer look paired with a leopard print bucket hat and fun sunglasses on some dad straps.

Milky Chance's most recent album was released just a couple weeks ago, so be sure to check out Living in a Haze. The set list was full of songs from all their albums, ending in one of their popular pieces, “Colorado.” The band ended their night with a group bow as the crowd cheered them on for their amazing performance. It has been just a year since they last visited Indianapolis (see our coverage of the 2022 WonderRoad Festival so I am hopeful we should be seeing them again soon. Be sure to check them out next time Milky Chance comes to town.


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