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The House of Horrors

Photo Credit: Andrew Perkins 

Alice Cooper defines generations of teen angst, thoughts, inner turmoil, Machiavellian ambitions, soul truths. As a kid I remember hearing School's Out for the first time and felt as if Alice was singing to me and only me. That was the first song I set out to memorize in my early middle school development. Then after full comprehension of the words, I'd belt them out in a sing along next to my Sony Boom Box. Years later the first time I saw Alice live was in the mid 90's at a state fairground in South Carolina. There wasn't a hint of disappointment after the event. 

Photo Credit: Andrew Perkins 

Little did I know that I would photograph Alice some 20 years later. As he sang "Hello Hooray let the show begin I've been ready." "I've been waiting so long to sing my song." Then and there I realized I was waiting to sing my song and start photographing rock hero's, icons, fresh starts on the scene. And then immortalize those photos for possibly just me or perhaps for a greater audience. Here's a few morsels from that concert on 10-5-16 at the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

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