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Nick Hakim at The Egyptian Room at Old National Centre on October 8, 2023


Photos and Review by Hadyn Mayes (PhotographybyHalo)

Before the wave of Lil Yachty's high-energy hip-hop hit the Old National Centre's Egyptian Room, the audience was treated to an entrancing opening performance by the incredibly talented Nick Hakim. While Nick's musical style differs significantly from Lil Yachty's, his captivating set created a mesmerizing atmosphere that set the perfect tone for the evening.

Nick Hakim's performance was a departure from the expected hip-hop beats that would follow, instead immersing the audience in a dreamy and soulful soundscape. As he took the stage with a simple setup – just him, two guitarists and a computer – a hush fell over the crowd, and the room was bathed in dim, moody lighting that perfectly matched the mood he was about to set.

Hakim's soulful voice instantly grabbed the audience's attention. His ethereal falsetto and heartfelt lyrics transported the room to a different dimension, where emotions flowed freely. The stripped-down nature of his performance allowed his raw talent to shine through, and the audience was spellbound by his every note.

Throughout his set, Nick Hakim showcased a selection of tracks from his repertoire, including "QADIR," "Roller Skates," and "Green Twins." Each song was delivered with soulful precision, and Hakim's emotive storytelling had the crowd swaying to his heartfelt melodies. The guitar skills were equally impressive, as they effortlessly transitioned between intricate fingerpicking and soulful strumming.

As his set drew to a close, the applause from the audience was thunderous. Nick Hakim humbly thanked the crowd for their warm reception and expressed his gratitude for being a part of the evening. His genuine and humble demeanor endeared him to the audience even more.

In retrospect, Nick Hakim's opening performance provided a unique and soulful contrast to the high-energy hip-hop that followed. While different in style, it added depth and diversity to the overall concert experience. Indianapolis was treated to a night of musical versatility that showcased the incredible talent of both Nick Hakim and Lil Yachty, making it a night to remember for music lovers of all tastes.

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