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Bad Religion at Everwise Amphitheater at White River State Park on May 17, 2024


Photos and Review by Hadyn Mayes (Photography by Halo)

As the crew is onstage setting up for Bad Religion, you can already feel the

tension and excitement from the crowd. There are cheers and claps when

lead guitarist, Brian Bakers', guitars are brought out.

The lights go dark at the Everwise Amphitheater and the outdoor theater is filled with a smoky red light illuminating the band sign. Lead singer, Greg Graffin greets the audience and starts their set with, “The Defense.”

The energy is streaming from the stage to the audience as all the members of

Bad Religion are dancing around and enjoying the audience’s liveliness.

There are spotlights all around illuminating the dancing and singing of the

audience. At the top of “Los Angeles Is Burning,” the pit widens and begins to

roar, encouraged by Graffin.

Graffin makes an exciting comment halfway through their set saying after 40

years of working together and being friends, this is the first time Bad Religion

and Social Distortion are together for a national tour! He keeps up the vibes

with, “Only Rain,” a crowd favorite. Definitely a highlight when a few raindrops

were felt during this song.

Overall, Bad Religion really brought life to the stage! They worked the crowd

and kept everyone on their feet for their whole set. Not letting the energy drop

one time, this was an amazing concert to witness!

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May 20

Great shots!

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