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Coal Chamber at Ruoff Music Center on 08/08/23

Noblesville, Indiana

Photos and Review by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)


Nu-metal rockers Coal Chamber provided an auditory kick in the ass to the fans gathered for Mudvayne's appearance at Ruoff Music Center near Indianapolis on August 8. And the audience loved it!

Coal Chamber, which consists of founding member and frontman Dez Fafara, Miguel "Meegs" Rascón on guitar, Mikey "Bug" Cox on drums and Nadja Peulen on bass, pulled no punches as they relentlessly slammed out an 11-song set of bass-heavy, head-banging tunes.

I admit I wasn't familiar with Coal Chamber before this show, but exposure to different bands is one of the things I love about being a concert photographer and reviewer. Coal Chamber describes themselves as “LA spooky core numetal." I’m not really sure what that means, but to me Coal Chamber's sound is reminiscent of KoRn, Disturbed, Static-X, and Limp Bizkit. (Okay, and they’re a little like Mudvayne, too.) But that's not saying they're not original, because they definitely are.

And their live performance is just as edgy as their music; full of guttural vocals, pounding bass and drums, and killer guitar riffs. Although all the band members were fun to watch, I was fascinated by Peulen's performance. Long red hair blowing around her like the heroine in a romance novel, she aggressively churned out wicked bass lines like she was playing a sonata in the symphony. Absolutely fascinating!

Coal Chamber will be on tour with Mudvayne on their Psychotherapy Sessions tour through the end of August – be sure to check them out!

For more info about Coal Chamber, click below:


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