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Dinosaur Jr. and Red Fang at the Egyptian Room at Old National Centre on 07/30/23

Indianapolis, Indiana

Photos and Review by Hadyn Mayes (Photography by Halo

When two powerhouse bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Red Fang are chosen as openers for Clutch, you know you're in for an explosive night of rock and roll. These two bands took the stage at the Egyptian Room in the Old National Centre, setting the perfect tone for an unforgettable evening.

Red Fang kicked off the night with a bang. The Portland-based quartet wasted no time in delivering their signature blend of stoner rock and heavy metal. The crowd was instantly drawn to their mesmerizing riffs, thunderous basslines, and infectious energy. Tracks like "Prehistoric Dog" and "Wires" had the audience headbanging and moshing with unbridled enthusiasm. Red Fang's stage presence was infectiously charismatic, with their humor and down-to-earth demeanor adding an extra layer of connection with the audience. Their set may have been relatively short as openers, but it left a lasting impact, leaving the crowd hungry for more.

After Red Fang set the bar high, it was time for Dinosaur Jr. to take the stage. As one of the pioneers of alternative rock, Dinosaur Jr. has been captivating audiences since the '80s. Led by the enigmatic J Mascis on guitar and vocals, the band wasted no time in showcasing their unparalleled musicianship. J's iconic guitar solos were a highlight of the night, sending shivers down the spines of everyone in the room. Joined by bassist Lou Barlow and drummer Murph, the band played a mix of classic hits like "Feel the Pain" and "Freak Scene" along with some newer material.

Dinosaur Jr.'s performance was a masterclass in raw, emotive, loud, in your face rock music. Their sound was massive, filling every corner of the Egyptian Room with a wall of sound that was both powerful and hauntingly beautiful. The chemistry between the band members was evident, and their years of experience as a unit shone through in their tight, flawless performance.

J Mascis's vocals, filled with a sense of vulnerability and raw emotion, added a layer of depth to the already mesmerizing instrumentals. The crowd swayed and sang along, clearly moved by the band's passion and authenticity. Dinosaur Jr.'s set felt like a journey through the history of alternative rock, reminding everyone present of the band's lasting influence on the genre.

As the night progressed, the audience's excitement reached a fever pitch, setting the stage perfectly for the headlining act, Clutch. Dinosaur Jr. and Red Fang had done their job as openers, warming up the crowd and priming them for an unforgettable evening of rock 'n' roll.

In conclusion, Dinosaur Jr. and Red Fang proved to be the perfect opening acts for Clutch's concert at the Egyptian Room. Both bands brought their unique styles and infectious energy to the stage, setting the bar high for what was to come. Red Fang's heavy, stoner rock vibes and Red Fang's alternative rock mastery provided a fantastic prelude to Clutch's powerhouse performance. The night was a celebration of rock music's diverse and enduring appeal, leaving the crowd with memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.


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