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Milky Chance WonderRoad Music Festival Indianapolis Photos By Laura Fox Review By Camber Sollberger

Flying in from Germany the day before, Milky Chance landed on the Music Elevates stage at WonderRoad festival in Indianapolis with energy and charisma. Their set was pushed back almost 30 minutes because of an intense storm Sunday morning, and you could tell they – and the fans - were ready to get started. As soon as they got the go-ahead, the team ran on stage and jumped into their first crowd-rocking song of the night.

The upbeat duo hails from Germany and consists of vocalist and guitarist Clemens Rehbein and bassist/percussionist/DJ Philipp Dausch. They were joined on stage by fellow band members Antonio Greger on bass and guitar and Sebastian Schmidt on drums

Milky Chance’s set melded a wide variety of genres from electronic to reggae to jazz to rock. Their stage presence kept the crowd entertained, and the music kept them coming back for more. Antonio Greger impressed us all with his mastery of multiple instruments, especially the harmonica. The harmonica adds an element of whimsy, reverberating across the entire venue. The whole performance made you want to dance, filled with upbeat melodies and funky styling.

Milky Chance gained notoriety after their very first recorded album with the single, “Stolen Dance.” It was an instant hit. As one of their first releases, most-viewed video on YouTube, and their most streamed song on Spotify, there was no surprise it was closer for the set. I always wonder what artists think about their most popular song, but if Milky Chance is tired of hearing itthey show no sign of it in their performance. Their energy never faltered throughout the whole show, sending the crowd off with a bang.


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