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Noga Erez WonderRoad Music Fest Review by Camber Sollberger Photos by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)

Israeli singer-songwriter and producer Noga Erez completely owned the White Claw stage as she started her performance at the WonderRoad music festival Saturday, June 11. Her electro-pop and EDM style excited the crowd and kept people dancing throughout the whole set despite the harsh sun. Her mixture of original tracks and popular covers have established a following of fans across Europe and the US, and she is only growing from here.

She was joined on stage by fellow musician and producer, Ori Rousso, who is featured vocally on a handful of tracks. Her stage presence exudes confidence, and her music shows off her talent and hard work. Noga owned the stage in the signature oversized clothes featured on her “Kids” album, but the large suit jacket quickly had to be stripped as temperatures neared 80 degrees. However, the heat did not stop Noga or her fans from having a phenomenal time and dancing to their heart's content. Noga Erez finished her set with her most-streamed (and my personal favorite) track - “End of the Road.”

Noga is deeply influenced by political circumstances both in her country and globally. Her songs are her way to process the issues that bother her about the world, especially tragedies that occur in her home country. You can feel her emotion through her lyrics in songs like “Dance While You Shoot,” which was used in an Apple campaign back in 2017.

She released her latest single “NAILS” in May. You can see her perform “NAILS” and more as she continues her tour throughout the US and Europe. Be sure to check her out; she is a rising star you are not going to want to miss.


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