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  • Andrew Perkins

July Talk in June

Limitless is how I would describe July Talk. No boundaries. Self assured. Pleasurable. Arguably my new favorite band of the summer. How did I come to this conclusion? Oftentimes there's a ritual that defines my perusal of an initial festival line-up upon release. This ritual includes reading a bio, listening to a few chords online, then purchasing an album. Then listening front to back and seeing how the music resonates. The first selection was Push + Pull. What a charge to hear Peter Dreimanis belt out hot and smoky lyrics next to the pure voice of Leah Fay. The interchange was mind altering and refreshing. As the rest of music poured out of my speakers I heard a voice repeat this will be the band for me at Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati Ohio.

On the road from Indianapolis to Cincinnati I reckon I told my festival mate (Duke) twenty times "We have to get there in time for July Talk that's the band I want to see today," AS luck or shall I say fate would have it we made it just in time for July Talk to take the stage. Over the course of the next 45 minutes the crowd was enthralled by the Svengali like awareness this band had over the audience. The interplay between Leah and Peter was cathartic, playful, familiar, hauntingly personal. All the while entertaining in a way that has been lost in the concert world with big production and little action.

Therefore I hold the mantle of honesty and suggest giving this epic band a listen and catch a live show ASAP. It's urgent.


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