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AJR at KFC Yum! Center on April 13, 2024

The Maybe Man Tour


Photos and Review by Shelby Price

There are only a handful of concerts that are so choreographed you have to ask yourself if you bought a ticket to see a play or a show. AJR has that special talent to bring you both. 

The show starts with 8 or so "Jacks (lead singers)" on stage, singing their song Maybe Man. Well, little did we know, until the beat of the song dropped, none of them were actually Jack. When all three band members, Adam, Jack, and Ryan popped up from the stage the  show truly began. Jack danced around the stage like no one was watching when in fact, around 8,000 people were entranced by a band that makes music in their living room.

I have been lucky enough to follow this band since their first single I’m Ready hit the radio in 2013. I've seen them go from being openers for a pop punk band in 2013 to selling out Madison Square Garden during the presale last November. Watching this band grow has been something special to me.

This was my 12th AJR show and  every single time the stage production gets more and more eccentric. With huge LEDs  coming down and telling the story of each of their songs, there was never a dull moment. At  one point during the show, while Ryan (keyboard), was singing his trio of songs called  Turning Out, Jack and Adam (bass) ran up to the highest point of the audience and sat with  them to play two songs.

AJR's interaction with the audience is something that cannot go unrecognized. They connect to their fans throughout the whole show from reading signs,  to taking their hats, to calling out the dads in the audience that are yawning.

Another really  fun aspect of the show that they have carried throughout their tours is the breaking down  how a song is made section. They bring out their beat pads and slowly show you how a  song starts from a single beat to a melody, to a chorus, to a full song. Without ruining the  surprise, it took them nearly 20 years to complete the song that they break down! 

AJR is a band that is either really loved or really hated. Whether it’s because of their genre of music or their over-the-top performances, it brings in very split opinions. They know how to make a crowd laugh and they definitely know how to make a crowd cry.  At the end of  the show, Jack talked about this is their first tour since their father, Gary, passed away. If  you’ve been following them for any amount of time, you know how much Gary meant to their band. He was always their number one fan no matter if they played to an empty room or a sold-out arena. Jack said up until his last day on earth his dad always said to, “be the  biggest version of yourself.” And if I can say anything about this show is that they have  accomplished that and then some. They truly have followed their dreams, ignored the anti AJR club that was made while they were in school, and they overcame the negativity to bring their fan base a truly unforgettable show.

This was one of the best performances and curated shows that I have ever witnessed. If you get the opportunity to see them, please do  not miss your chance. Click here for more info:


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