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  • Andrew Perkins

Retro Futura Music Festival

Katrina and The Waves, Paul Young, The English Beat, Modern English, Men Without Hats, closing with Howard Jones.

A smorgasbord of 80’s icons playing all their hits. The Retro Futora Festival was a smashing success to me. And how can it not be. Howard Jones and Paul Young two of the 80’s biggest stars playing hit tunes and energizing the crowd. Not to mention alumni of the famous as well as historical Live Aid event held in Wembly Stadium in 1985.

The English Beat was by far the most energetic of the group leaving the crowd breathless after dancing to a frenzy.

An interesting note that I don’t believe I’ve experienced before. Was the fact Men Without Hats performed Safety Dance twice!

Katrina of Katrina and The Waves dazzled the audience with their hit Walking on Sunshine.

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