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  • Andrew Perkins

Charles Bradley The Screaming Eagle of Soul

Those you have witnessed the greatness of Charles Bradley can attest to his worthiness of being called The Screaming Eagle of Soul. Fortunately the opportunity arose to photograph him in 2016 at Bunbury Music Festival then in 2017 at the Forecastle Music Festival.

With that being said Charles passed away late in 2017. My memory though is of him on stage with emotive expressions. Grimacing faces. Generally immersed in his art.

Dare I even say it. What I’m about to present may be taboo in some circles. Here it goes. In my opinion Charles Bradley’s vocal talents exceeded those of The Godfather of Soul. There I said it. James Brown is second in my book to Mr. Bradley.

It may be unfair to say that due to the fact I only saw James Brown live once in the early 90’s. The Indianapolis Blues Festival May have not showcased his talents late in his career. Nevertheless cheers to the legacy of Charles Bradley and his influence on modern music.

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