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Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf is the name Sajeeb Saha performs under. He was born in Bangladesh. Raised on the east coast. These divergent cultures breed a distinguished sound. With the recent release of The Cure To Loneliness, Jai Wolf's divergent upbringing blends multiple styles of musical influence. After attending his recent show in Indianapolis I am a believer. There's something very refreshing with Jai's musical sensibilities. A new originality, humbleness, accessibility and creativity on stage. Personally I've attended Daft Punk, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Aviici, Deadmau5 and many other national EDM acts. I'd put Jai Wolf up with any of these artists. I know that's a huge statement. Yet for me this show had all the elements of a phenomenal talent ready to unleash his sound upon the world. If you are into EDM or not I believe Jai Wolf has the potential to win fans over from all genres of musical taste.

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