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Stone Temple Pilots Live Review Bunbury Music Festival

As the sun began to cast long shadows on Day One of the Bunbury Music Festival, attendees flocked to the Sawyer Point stage to catch one of the heaviest bands in the lineup, Stone Temple Pilots (STP). They came on strong, opening with Wicked Garden, and they never let up. Frontman Jeff Gutt, along with guitarist Dean DeLeo, bassist Robert DeLeo, and drummer Eric Kretz, put on a great performance – they were well-rehearsed, relaxed, and having fun onstage. These guys definitely know how to put on a rock show!

STP’s 12-song set included all their biggest hits, including Vasoline, Interstate Love Song, and Dead & Bloated. It also included two singles off their latest album, Stone Temple Pilots, which was released in 2018. (Both Meadow and Roll Me Under are bangers and I really like them. They’re kind of old-school STP, but a bit edgier and more vibrant.) While new lead singer Jeff Gutt’s stage presence was reminiscent of Scott Weiland’s, his vocals were all his own. They were strong, clear, and clean. Gutt had a great rapport with the audience (and the press), making lots of eye contact, singing directly to them, and talking to them between songs. STP ended the set on a high note with Sex Type Thing.

Of all the Bunbury acts, STP seemed to have the most varied audience. Although I expected to see the “mature” fans who were there, I was a little surprised by all the twenty-and thirty-somethings who showed up. I see that as a testament to both STP’s staying power and the appeal of their music. STP will be touring heavily this summer and fall, and you can also catch them at the Louder Than Life and Aftershock Festivals.

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