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  • Laura Fox - LLFoxphotos

The Interrupters at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center - ALT 103.3 Birthday Bash July 12, 2019

Ska music has gotten kind of a bad rap for the past several years, but The Interrupters are turning that around. When they took the stage at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center for ALT 103.3’s Birthday Bash, The Interrupters’ fusion of ska and punk embraced the dynamism, simplicity, and straightforwardness of both genres in a way that was highly palatable. Somehow, even the angriest of their songs was fun and danceable. In addition, their interaction with the crowd endeared them to their fans and earned them many more.

The four-piece band from LA, which consists of frontwoman Aimee Interrupter (AKA Aimee Allen), drummer Jesse Binova, bassist Justin Binova, and guitarist Kevin Binona, played a solid set of eight songs from all three of their albums. Their energy was amazing, and I loved the fact that Aimee made physical contact with the fans on multiple occasions. It’s hard not to compare her to Joan Jett – her slightly raspy voice, along with her feisty, no-bullshit attitude underscore the intensity and drive of The Interrupters’ music. The Interrupters will be on tour the rest of the summer and much of the fall. For tour dates and more info, click here:

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