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  • Laura Fox - LLFoxphotos

Papa Roach at Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River Park, Indianapolis

Papa Roach came in hot at the Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River Park Wednesday night, opening with Who Do You Trust, which is a banger and the band’s title cut from their latest album release. They continued rocking hard for the rest of the show, and although the pace slowed for a couple of songs, the intensity never let up during their 17-song set. Despite the heat and humidity, lead singer Jacoby Shaddix was energetic and charismatic throughout the set, speaking frequently to the crowd between songs. His messages were 100% positive, and many focused on mental health. Highlights from the set August 21, 2019: Good mix of songs from entire discography Great lighting – interesting but not distracting Fun cover of Song 2 by Blur, followed by a cool drum duet Great intro to Between Angels and Insects featured only a single guitar, drums, and bass Entire crowd sang along to Scars Born for Greatness had everyone jumping I felt sorry for whoever had to mop up the stage afterward; those guys worked up quite a sweat! Papa Roach saved their most popular song for the encore, and the crowd responded by going completely nuts for Last Resort. It was worth the wait to hear this oldie-but-goodie performed live again, and Papa Roach made it memorable for everyone!

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