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Alter Bridge, the Pawns and Kings Tour at The Murat Theater at Old National Centre on 02/15/23

Indianapolis, Indiana

Photos and Review by Laura Fox

Is Alter Bridge underrated? Ask any Alter Bridge fan and I can almost guarantee they’ll say YES! The foursome has some of the most loyal devotees I’ve ever seen, and they packed the Murat Theater at Old National Centre on Wednesday, February 15.

After great, hard-rocking sets by openers RED and Mammoth WVH, Alter Bridge took the stage to thunderous cheers and applause. As the lights came up, Frontman Myles Kennedy looked out at the 2,000+ people in front of him and quietly smiled. His calm demeanor belied the storm Alter Bridge was about to unleash upon them.

With the first blistering riff of “Silver Tongue” Alter Bridge was off on a 16-song killer set. Tour staples such as “Addicted to Pain,” “Blackbird,” “Before Tomorrow Comes” and “Metalingus” were interspersed with songs from Pawns and Kings, their latest album release. Throughout the set, Kennedy, guitarist/vocalist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips were perfectly in sync with each other, performing brilliantly and passionately. Although Kennedy plays a mean guitar, Tremonti absolutely slays, and I hard a hard time keeping my eyes off him.

Midway through the set, Kennedy announced the tour debut of “The Other Side,” an older, dark banger that was recently that was recently featured on WWE Raw. Other highlights included Mark Temonti taking over vocals on “Burn it Down,” a solo acoustic version of the emotionally charged, “Watch over You“ by Kennedy, and an acoustic duet of “In Loving Memory” by Kennedy and Tremonti. Alter Bridge concluded their set with two encore songs, including the hugely popular, “Open Your Eyes.”

My answer to the question above? HELL, YES!

You can catch Alter Bridge on tour in the US and Europe through July 2023. For more info, click here:



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