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Beach Bunny at HiFi Annex May 7, 2022 Photos and Review by Mike Bowen

Enjoy my photos of a band on a positive trajectory. The outdoor venue at the HiFi hosted Beach Bunny Saturday night under perfect conditions. The Sold Out show was attended by all ages, but especially a younger audience who absolutely appreciated the message the band delivers; a message of positive self-esteem and self-awareness, which are in short supply and deeply valued.

As a more mature individual, I am optimistic the message will ring true with younger fans who can be assured they are not alone in their individuality. Age and maturity help with that, but a “booster shot” when young is terrific.

Apparently as a result of TikTok fame, Lead singer LiliTrifilio, who started the band from Chicago in 2015 and her band mates, Jon Alvarado (drummer) , Matt Henkels (guitar) , Anthony Vaccaro (bass) have captured the hearts of our youth and are set to begin an international tour before returning to Chicago and Lollapalooza later this summer. Not a trivial feat.

My take: Keep an eye out for these guys. I’ll bet I’ll be shooting them at ever larger venues as time goes on.

All band info and a tour schedule can be found at: your kids and go to the show with them! You won’t regret it.

All band info and a tour schedule can be found at:


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