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Beach Fossils at Ruoff Music Center on 07/08/23

Noblesville, Indiana

Photos and Review by Hadyn Mayes (Photography by Halo)

Opening the "If Y'all Weren't Here Id Be Crying" tour at Ruoff Music Center was the talented indie rock band, Beach Fossils. Taking the stage before the highly anticipated headliner, Beach Fossils set the tone for the evening with their dreamy and atmospheric sound.

Known for their laid-back and melodic style, Beach Fossils captivated the audience with their signature blend of indie pop and shoegaze. Their music filled the air, creating a soothing and introspective atmosphere that captivated the crowd.

The band's performance was tight and well-executed, showcasing their musical prowess. Their intricate guitar melodies and ethereal vocals washed over the audience, creating a sense of tranquility and drawing listeners into their sonic world.

Beach Fossils treated the crowd to a selection of their popular tracks, including fan favorites like "Sometimes," "Youth," and "Down the Line." Each song transported the audience to a nostalgic place, evoking emotions and memories with their introspective lyrics and hazy instrumentals. They definitely set the tone right for the madness that was coming next.


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