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DEFTONES at TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park, Indianapolis, IN, May, 10th 2022

Review by Alexia Gilchrist and Hunter Arndt Photos by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)

In the beginning, DEFTONES decided to light up the night with their hit song “Genesis”. Many fortunate fans attended DEFTONES Spring Tour 2022, on May 10th at the White River State Park and left with unforgettable memories. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Chino Moreno, distributed a progressive approach to his stage theatrics and never lost his smile while doing so. One could make assumptions that the excitement is from finally doing their show in Indiana. Over the last 2 consecutive years the band has postponed the show, due to COVID. Not to worry; however, DEFTONES returned to the art with touring members, Fred Sabina (bass and backing vocals) and Lance Jackman (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), adding a unique spin to the look of the stage and an earful of catchy riffs. One could say DEFTONES’s drummer and lead guitarist, Abe Cunningham and Stephen Carpenter, are of “Royal” descents for how well they represented themselves in “Royal”. The clash of riffs and deadly clattering of drum sticks inherently allowed this rambunctious crowd to let the music take control. Body’s crashing into each other, people on all fours crawling around, and even a little bit of crowd surfing before the fans were snagged down. Made it impossible to understand how Indiana fans went so long without seeing them.


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