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Judas Priest Everwise Amphitheater At White River State Park on April 28, 2024

I usually have a sense of anticipation before many shows. A twang of excitement, a twang of anxiety (wondering if I can get decent photos), and sometimes as is the case with Judas Priest a longing of days past. It was 1986 and Turbo Lover was on heavy rotation in my house. Most of the time I would see the video on Headbanger's Ball or possibly Night Flight. Those days my dose of Heavy Metal was late Friday or Saturday nights. I could not get enough of these videos. Probably like most 14-15 years of the day there was a heavy dose of Quiet Riot, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Metallica playing in the house or through the jam box attached to your bike. But for me watching a skeleton driving through the desert on a motorcycle with Rob Halford singing those incredible vocals was true metal mayhem and that music video will forever remain iconic in my heart and soul.

Set List:

Invincible Shield Tour Anthem

Panic Attack

You've Got Another Thing Comin'

Rapid Fire

Breaking the Law

Lightning Strike

Love Bites

Devil's Child

Saints in Hell

Crown of Horns


Turbo Lover

Invincible Shield

Victim of Changes

(followed by Rob Halford's "Oh Yeah" vocal bit)

The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)

(Fleetwood Mac cover)



The Hellion

Electric Eye

Hell Bent for Leather

Living After Midnight


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