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Madi Sipes & the Painted Blue at the Hi-Fi Indy 04/01/22 Photos and review by Laura Fox LLFoxphotos

Madi Sipes, songwriter and vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist for Madi Sipes & the Painted Blue, is a bit of enigma. Despite being almost painfully shy, Madi willingly bares their most intimate thoughts and feelings in their songs…songs which are about sex and sadness, according to Sipes. The easy-going sensuality of the San Francisco- based group was the perfect complement for headliner Cannons at a sold-out show at The Hi-Fi Indy on April 1.

Although drummer Caleb Koehn couldn’t be with the band on this leg of the tour, Sipes and bassist Nick Cunningham, who seem perfectly in sync with each other, filled the Hi-Fi Indy with beautiful, original music. Their 10-song set, which started with “Blue” and ended with “Sex & Sadness,” had the appreciative concertgoers swaying along to the beat the whole time.

I especially appreciated the fact that Sipes introduced each song and told a little bit about it in their quiet, husky voice. Theirsmile was genuine, and I loved that they were super excited about their purchase of a $20 used accordion at nearby Arnold’s Music. I would love to hang with them and the rest of the band sometime; I bet they have some stories to tell.

To learn more about Madi Sipes & the Painted Blue, including upcoming shows, check out their website here:


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