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Mudvayne at Ruoff Music Center on July 21, 2022 Photos and review by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)

After a long delay and a major lineup change (see my recap article here:, the hot and sweaty, but enthusiastic, crowd at Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana, cheered loudly when Mudvayne finally took the stage around 9:15 PM Thursday, July 21. It was only the second stop for the Freaks on Parade Tour, but the band was tight as they played a seven-song set in support of Rob Zombie.


Frontman Chad Gray dominated the stage as he strode back and forth wearing baggy engineer’s overalls and grotesque

makeup. His appearance didn’t intimidate the fans, though, who reached for him when he climbed onto the barricade to greet them. I loved watching him connect with them in this way – you could tell he needed it as much as they did.


Bassist Ryan Martinie was also all over the stage, but most of the time, he was running at top speed. It was fun, but not easy, trying to catch him standing still. I was impressed by the way he breezed through the complicated bass riffs that help make Mudvayne’s music so rich and complex.


Lead guitarist Greg Tribbett, wearing his signature goggles, along with drummer Matthew McDonough and their touring guitarist, rounded out the group. Although Tribbett’sperformance was less athletic than Martinie’s, the way his fingers flew across the strings was masterful and fascinating.


I thought Mudvayne’s choice of songs for their shortened set was interesting; rather than playing their more popular, melodic tunes, they opted for an intense, heavy set to get the crowd fired up Their strategy worked; the crowd was totally amped for headliner Rob Zombie.


You can catch Mudvayne, along with Powerman 5000 and Static-X, in support of Rob Zombie on the Freaks on Parade Tour through October 2022. For more information and tickets, click here:


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