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Post Sex Nachos at the Hi-Fi on 05/24/2023 Indianapolis, Indiana

Photos and Review by J’LynSmith

Post Sex Nachos opened for Ax and the Hatchetmen at the Hi-Fi Indy on Wednesday, May 24. Although they were the opener, they played was though they were the headliner, and the crowd loved it. This band has great chemistry with each other, and their sound fit perfectly with Ax and The Hatchetmen on this tour.


Post Sex Nachos, whose name would be difficult to forget after hearing it a few times, comes from Missouri. Their music I would describe as “vibey.” Throw it on when you get up in the morning to clean, or just to get your day started. Up-beat, inspiring. Their sounds are comparable to Two-Door Cinema Club, with quick guitar riffs.


Their relationship with the crowd before, during, and after the show was natural and spontaneous. Their set was fun, with bouncing on the stage, lots of interaction, and even sing-along lyrics. Post Sex Nachos is a band that makes you want to build a relationship with them. I know I want to see more from these 5 guys, and I have a good feeling we will see more.


Wednesday’s show was the band’s last gig on Ax and the Hatchetmen’s tour, but they’ll begin a headlining tour of their own in a few weeks. For more information, click the button below.



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