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  • Laura Fox

Sueco with Teenage Disaster at the Hi-Fi Annex on May 13, 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Review by Tori Bowen

​Photos by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)

Last night, I had the privilege of attending an electrifying concert at the Hi-Fi Annex in Indianapolis. The outdoor venue in Fountain Square was packed to capacity and the atmosphere was charged with anticipation. The night kicked off with an energetic performance by the opening act Teenage Disaster, and culminated in an unforgettable show by Sueco, a rising indie/ alternative artist from Los Angeles. Sueco's fusion of hardcore hip-hop and soul-filled pop-punk, coupled with his unparalleled stage presence, made for an evening of pure entertainment.


Teenage Disaster set the stage on fire with his unique emo-rap style. His infectious energy and captivating stage presence had the crowd on their feet from the first beat. As an opening act, he successfully warmed up the audience, building anticipation for the main event. Teenage Disaster's performance was a perfect prelude to the experience that awaited us.

Despite being unfamiliar with Sueco's music prior to this show, I was immediately drawn in by his intense and captivating performance. From the moment he stepped on stage, it was clear that he was here to make a connection with his fans. Sueco's hour and twenty-minute setlist was filled with crowd-engaging entertainment that showcased his versatility as an artist.

Sueco's indie/alternative sound resonated with me, reminiscent of the emotional depth found in the music of Linkin Park. While primarily known for his hardcore hip-hop tracks, Sueco surprised the audience with soul-filled songs that laid bare his raw emotions. It was evident that his music came from a place of deep personal meaning, allowing the audience to connect with him on a profound level.

Sueco's commitment to his fans was unparalleled. Several times during the show, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the love and devotion he received from the fans. At one point, he engaged in a staring contest with a member of the audience, intensifying the anticipation as the intro to his song built. The moment reached its climax when he climbed onto the speakers and fearlessly launched himself into the crowd, igniting a wave of energy that swept through the venue. Crowd surfing (with a real surfboard!) on the hands of his devoted fans, Sueco took his performance to new heights, literally and figuratively.

As if this spectacle wasn't enough, nature decided to make its presence felt. As rain poured down from the sky, drenching the crowd, the show pressed on undeterred. Sueco used the unexpected downpour to his advantage, embracing the elements and joining his fans in the rain- soaked atmosphere. It was a testament to his commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience, no matter the circumstances.

Sueco's concert at the Hi-Fi Annex was a thrilling display of talent, energy, and connection with his audience. His fearless stunts andinteractions, including crowd surfing and a spontaneous rain-soaked performance, made this show truly unforgettable. Sueco's devotion to his fans and his passion for his craft were evident throughout the entire performance. If you have the opportunity to catch Sueco live, don't miss out on the chance to witness a one-of-a-kind artist in action.

To hear Sueco's latest release, POS, click below. Don't say we didn't warn you if it gets stuck in your head! (Also NSFW.)


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