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Taylor Swift: Two Reviews, One Show Part 1

Swift Returns to Nashville May 5, 2023

Review Savannah Shotwell

​Photos Nick Shotwell

​The stage lights go down and whispers of anticipation transform into earth-shaking screams. The music begins, magical, mystical, making everyone wonder which song she’ll play first. The stage turns pink, billows of orange and magenta cascade from behind the set. One after another, and the ecstatic shouting increases as each one enters, the anticipation building for everyone in the packed stadium. Finally the sheets of color rise and there, the women everyones been waiting to see for 5 long years appears. She’s bejeweled and stunning, smiling out at the crowd, singing everyones favorite song “Miss Americana.”And the night has only just begun.

​On May 5th, Taylor Swift performed the first night in her hometown, Nashville Tennessee, in front of an outstanding crowd of 70,000 exhilarated fans. 5 years after her Reputation stadium tour, Swift announced her Eras tour on November 1st, 2022. Faster than you could say sabotage, Swift broke the 36-year standing record of the most-attended female concert in US history, which was previously held by Madonna. With opening acts of Gracie Abrams and Phoebe Bridgers, It’s safe to say the night was flawless and fans were left wonderstruck.

​From her debut album to "Midnights," her most recent album, it’s safe to say Swift has an era for everyone. Fans were dressed in eccentric outfits from their favorite albums or eras. There was no one safe and sound look for fans.  Although any outfit is acceptable for the Eras tour, many S wifties wore fringy dresses in colors from their favorite era and hair sequins to match. From comfy casual to all out glitter and glam, fans from all different backgrounds and styles came together to celebrate the most amazing storyteller and icon of our generation.

​From the nosebleeds to the floor, there was no bad seat or view of the stage. Free wrist bands that changed colors to the music were passed out, and Swift made sure to acknowledge that there wasn’t a fan in the massive group that she couldn’t see with them on. Swifties literally made the friendship bracelets, a lyric from Swift’s song “You’re on Your Own Kid.” Some even had bags full of the letter block and beaded bracelets to trade and pass out amongst other Swifties. There’s simply no other place fans can come together and be themselves like at the Eras tour. Taylor Swift makes people feel comfortable in their own skin and spreads love and joy like no one else can.

​The costume changes and stage effects at the eras tour were absolutely unreal. Just like how Taylor Swift makes people feel when they listen to her music, every scene was unique and it felt like you were being whisked away into the story Swift was telling. ​The Folklore cabin was brought back from the Cardigan music video, and the screen behind the stage changed to bring fans through a journey of the seasons. From waves meeting the shore to a snowy winter night in the forest, everyone was captivated by the realism of the stage effects. ​At one point Swift took a head dive into the stage and “swam’ across it in a “body of water” during an unforgettable costume change. This realistic stage effect was mind blowing. When “Swift” reached the front of the stage a giant wave took over the screen and then it showed “her” climbing a ladder into a fluffy cloud for the start of the song “Lavender Haze.”

​Fan favorite moments included when Taylor Swift asked for ten minutes of the audience's time, and without a moment's hesitation, everyone screamed. She was going to play “All Too Well,” the 10 minute version. Captivating in a long sparkly red and black suit with matching shorts and a black glittery guitar, Swift gave Red era fans the surprise of their life.

​Before Champagne Problems, Swift took out her ear plugs and laid her head in her hands on her stunning piano covered in moss as she took in the enormity of the crowd and the roaring that filled the stadium. ​​Swifties and Speak Now era fans were shocked and overjoyed to hear the big announcement that "Speak Now, Taylor’s Version" is to be released on July 7th, as Swift pointed to the screen to display the big news.When Swift and Bridgers played "Nothing New" together and shared a hug at the end, Swifties and Bridgers fans were left in awe.

Although Swift is always beautiful, she looked like a princess during “Enchanted,” when she entered the stage in a bejeweled white ball gown with gems of every color. Her stunning backup dancers twirled around her in identical dresses with less poof. It was such an enchanting moment, and it felt like fans were transported into a magical ball with princess Taylor Swift. To end out the spectacular night, Swift and her dancers swirled around the stage in colorful, fluffy jackets as fireworks exploded and confetti flew around them during the final song, “Karma.”

​The night was truly one for the ages. From TikTok trends to Instagram hashtags, the Eras tour is taking over the world right now, and rightfully so. The concert is worth every penny spent on it, and an outstanding performance by the most iconic songwriter of our generation.  


May 08, 2023

Excellently written review!! and the photos speak for themselves!! Pure talent!


May 08, 2023

Excellent! If someone asks me about the show I’ll have them read this. Your review describes exactly what it was like to be a part of the audience!

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