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The Darkness at The Vogue Theatre on October 14, 2023


Photos and Review by Hadyn Mayes (PhotographybyHalo)

It was a night filled with electricity, glam, and raw rock 'n' roll energy as The Darkness took the stage at The Vogue in Indianapolis. The British rock band, known for their theatrical performances and iconic hits, didn't disappoint the eager crowd that had gathered to witness their live show.

The evening began with an air of anticipation as fans of all ages filled the venue, clad in leather jackets, glitter, and a sense of nostalgia for the early 2000s. As the lights dimmed and the crowd roared, the opening chords of "Black Shuck" filled the room, and lead singer Justin Hawkins burst onto the stage in a blaze of charisma. The crowd went wild as they were immediately transported back in time to the era of glam rock.

Hawkins, a true showman, displayed his vocal prowess with stunning falsetto notes that seemed to defy the laws of physics. His stage presence was equally impressive, strutting and posing with a flamboyance that was reminiscent of rock legends like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. His brother, Dan Hawkins, laid down riffs with precision and power, and the rhythm section, featuring Frankie Poullain on bass and Rufus Tiger Taylor on drums, provided the driving force that underpinned the band's infectious sound.

The setlist was a delightful mix of the band's greatest hits and tracks from their debut album entitled “Permission to Land” , providing nostalgia to everyone in attendance. Classics like "I Believe in a Thing Called Love," "Growing on Me," and "Love Is Only a Feeling" were met with enthusiastic sing-alongs and fist-pumping from the crowd. The band showcased their songwriting prowess and adaptability, proving they are far from a one-hit wonder.

Throughout the night, The Darkness kept the energy level at an all-time high. Justin Hawkins, in particular, his interactions with the audience were peppered with humor and playful banter, creating an intimate and electric connection with everyone in the room.

As the night drew to a close with the anthemic "I Believe in a Thing Called Love,",the crowd erupted in euphoria. The band's high-energy performance and genuine enthusiasm for their craft left everyone in the audience with smiles on their faces and their voices hoarse from singing along.

After the wonderful performance the crowd was left wanting more, nobody wanted the night to end, the crowd chanted, clapped, and stomped in unison in hopes of an encore. Of course, The Darkness did not disappoint. They returned to stage dressed in robes, slippers & their underwear. Not only did they have on different outfits, they had all switched instruments, with Frankie on guitar, Dan on drums, and Rufus on bass guitar!

Amongst more playful banner and funny jokes from Justin, he played with the crowd about taking a drink after his sobriety of 17 years. The crowd shouted “No!” and then continued to cheer in celebration of his sobriety ! He also grabbed a fans glasses and wore them throughout the first song of their encore “I Love You 5 Times.”

As the song came to a close Justin mentioned this next track was their last, the crowd was of course very sad until Justin mentioned it would last “A VERY LONG TIME, maybe even 15 minutes!’. The crowd was set ablaze to the 15 minute rock and roll extravaganza which was their song “Love On the Rocks With No Ice.” During this song Justin joined the crowd on the shoulders of his guitar tech while playing the guitar. This was an incredible final moment to sum up the greatness the Vogue was blessed with that night.


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