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The Northern Kentucky Derby at the LoFi Lounge 04/01/22 Photos and review by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)

Can a musical group with just two guys legitimately be called a band? In the case of The Northern Kentucky Derby (nkyderby), the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Tyler Shelton on guitar & vocals, along with Joey McCoy on drums & backing vocals, don’t need anyone else, nor do they need a lot of fancy, high-tech gizmos to make great music. How? They keep it simple and clean, and they have fun doing it.

Nkyderby performed a mix of original and cover rock songs that had the audience at the LoFi Lounge in Indianapolis tapping their toes, dancing, and singing along. Their extra-long set truly had something to please everyone. Their original music, which was sharp with a strong blues influence, was interspersed with everything from Cream to Weezer. And it all sounded great!

Both guys were energetic, having fun on the stage, and I enjoyed Shelton’s sense of humor. He also did a great job of introducing the songs and telling little background stories. Harmonica player Zach Rowe made a guest appearance for a couple of songs, amping up the blues feel a bit.

Although I couldn’t stay for the entire set, I’m sure the LoFiLounge was rocking and rolling by the end. The show which was part of the Free First Friday event series in the Fountain Square area, was sponsored by MOKB Presents and Sun King Brewery. It was a free concert, but I would pay good money to see NKYDerby again!

The video for “Down,” which I think is absolutely brilliant, is right here:

For more info on The Northern Kentucky Derby, go to

The next Free First Friday concert will be at The Hi-Fi Annexon May 7, 2022. You can learn more about it here:


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