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  • Laura Fox

The Stunt Dog Experience at Butler University on 04/28/23

Schrott Center for the Arts, Indianapolis, Indiana

Photos and Review by Laura Fox (LLFoxphotos)

If you like dogs (and who doesn’t?) and want a fun, entertaining, and educational show the whole family will enjoy, you’ll love The Stunt Dog Experience.

The California-based group of talented, hard-working canines and their humans showed off their stuff at a sold-out show at Butler University’s Schrott Center for the Arts in Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturday, April 28, 2023. They performed all kinds of amazing stunts including catching flying disks, leaping through hoops and over objects (and people!), acrobatics, riding bikes, racing through an agility course, and even jumping rope.

There was audience participation, as well, which can be tricky when you’re working with kids. But Stunt Dog Experience founder Chris Perondi had a great rapport with his mini volunteers, keeping them engaged and the audience amused as they helped out with a very impressive aerial trick.

Perondi and his wife Suhey, with help from their teammates/trainers, not only put the pups through their paces but also provided lots of interesting information. We found out all the dogs in the show were rescues, they only perform on springboard floors like gymnasts and cheerleaders use, they’re trained by using positive reinforcement, and we even learned a couple of training techniques. The couple also talked about their rescue work and the importance of spay/neuter programs and responsible pet ownership.

The entire show was entertaining, but the finale had the biggest WOW factor. The whole audience was amazed to see the cutie pie below perform a standing backflip; as the mother of two former cheerleaders, I know this is not an easy feat. This pup made it look effortless, though, and was eager to do more.

Aside from the tricks, what really struck me about the Stunt Dog Experience was the strong bond each dog had with its trainer. The pups only had eyes for their people, who in turn showered them with love and praises. I can’t speak for everyone, of course, but I know I left with a warm and fuzzy feeling that night.

To learn more about The Stunt Dog Experience, check out their website:


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