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VOWWS at TCU Amphitheater At White River State Park, Indianapolis, IN, May, 10th 2022

Review: Alexia Gilchrist and Hunter Arndt Photos: Laura Fox

Mysterious… the word that comes to mind when I describe the Australian duo, VOWWS. The band’s progressive style was well delivered May 10th, 2022 at the White River State Park in Indianapolis Indiana. An overshadow of dark and twisted is well distinguished within “The Season”, opening song. My interest peaked when their voices infused together to create a melancholic rock, especially Matt James' and Rizz’s ability to surf the alternative style with their voice. As a stranger to the death pop crowd, VOWWS “Stranger” entwined me into a melodic twist of an introduction. Fizz was unforgettably creative with beats that suspended the mind and soul. Ending the night “One by one” audience members were put into a trance with VOWWS unpretentious performance. I came to the show as a stranger and left as a fan.


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