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Rod Tuffcurls and the Bench Press at The Vogue Theater

Indianapolis, Indiana

March 3, 2023

Photos and Review by Mike Bowen

The first time you see them, you're not sure what to expect. The second (and third, and fourth) time you see them, you convince all your friends to go because they're either your "favorite band" or "the most fun ever!" You know, you love and you participate in EVERY song they sing, as does everyone else. The crowd knows exactly what to expect and their expectations are always met.

Masters at creating the perfect playlist, the boys cover tunes you absolutely love from varied sources such as musicals, including "Mulan" and "Hamilton," along with pop hits such as "Drops of Jupiter," "Rocket Man" and "Man, I Feel Like a Woman." Etc., etc. All great tunes, all fun. They sing, you sing (and dance) along. The enthusiasm is off the charts.

If you've seen them, you know you will be back. If you haven't seen them, go. Then you will be back.

Bring your friends, enjoy, and as always, be sure to HYDRATE!

For all their information, tour dates and a glimpse into their world, visit:


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