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Zack Mack & J.R. Moore 12/14/2

Currently on tour with Smith & Myers, Memphis based singers/songwriters/guitarists Zack Mack and J.R. Mooreperformed a truly fun and entertaining set in IndianapolisTuesday night. The duo, who area also one-half of super-group AMMM (Allen, Mack, Myers, Moore), had great synergy with each other, and created an almost instant rapport with the audience. Moore, who is the more extroverted of the two, chatted and joked between songs, even poking fun at himself for once thinking Indianapolis was pronounced Indiana-polis. I especially loved the way Moore goofed around with Mack; it was almost like one comedian trying to get another one to break character.

But make no mistake, both Moore and Mack are serious musicians. In addition to harmonizing beautifully, they traded off lead guitar and vocals seamlessly. Their mix of original and cover tunes had a strong country/bluegrass flavor, minus the “twang.” Their cover of “Heartache Tonight” by the Eagles really got the crowd moving and grooving, setting a party mood. Although I’m more of a head-banging kind of gal, I genuinely enjoyed Zack Mack and J.R. Moore’s performance.

To hear AMMM, follow this link:


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