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  • Andrew Perkins

Abandoned Souls "Make It Last" EP

Abandoned Souls delivers a new EP Make it last via Fiend Records. And this EP does not disappoint!. Here we have five songs that strike with urgency, thoughtful lyrics, insightful messaging and almost prophetic timeliness. Are these songs describing relationships, past experiences, ongoing struggles, overcoming adversity, rising above the chaos? Who knows yet there is meaning for everyone to interpret on a host of levels. We are introduced to the title track “Prove It” with gutsy lyrics by lead singer James Todd intertwined with a masterful melodic guitar solo provided from Derek De Kort. One can sense a connectedness to heavy metal behemoth Black Sabbath yet with a simply complex flare for their own style that delineates Abandoned Souls as their own masters.

“Make it Last” the title track is a fist raising anthem where one is emboldened to “Fight for the days that have yet to come to pass.” These lyrics, beats, rhythms are well constructed. Thus furthering the claim that Abandoned Souls has hit a grand slam with their recent release.

The rhythm section of Reagan Thorne- Bass and Tom Dobrentey- drums highlight an aggressive assault on the musical senses with “Best of Me”. Ostensively there’s a test of wills between an adversary and the will of our conduit channeling the last time one will be taken advantage of in this confrontation. It seems fitting that Abandoned Souls would end this journey with a crunchy ballad “So Through” highlighting once again James Todd’s vocal range and battle with reclaiming his own self-command. If you enjoy diversity in styles yet cohesiveness of theme then this EP is for you.

Track Listing: Prove It (3:42) Make It Last (3:28) Best of Me (3:35) Stand Out Front (3:26) So Through (4:41) EP Length: 18:54


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