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States and Capitals - The Feelings LP - Catching a lot of feelings from me

I had the pleasure of listening to the debut album The Feelings LP by States and Capitals. It is scheduled for release by JIRNY on August 2, 2019. The LP is a follow up to three earlier released EP’s. The 22-year-old singer/songwriter Richie Arthur brings a lot of thought-provoking lyrics to life. The very well written lyrics remind me a lot of Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Daniel Powter, and even a little bit of Dave Matthews. There was an overall theme of finding love and holding onto it. Even despite obstacles and the world being against you at times, it is important to keep trying to find love in the world. I felt like this was something Richie understood and was trying to convey throughout the LP. The acoustic songs were extremely well done and a very nice change from the instrumental versions. His voice changed to have a more passionate feel. It gave a wonderful in-the-moment feeling, like you were hearing it from a live performance. The song 48 isn’t listed as an acoustic version, but it is very much that for me. It was probably my favorite song on the LP. It spoke to me personally, and honestly… isn’t that what music is all about? We are drawn to certain songs or artists because it makes us feel something. States and Capitals new LP The Feelings will give you all of the feels and make you want to hear more. You get a sense of wanting to evolve throughout the album. In (I Will Not) Go you could feel the direction of where he was going with the entire LP. Not ready to give up on love even when you might feel the need to give up due to things not being perfect. Understanding that nothing in life is ever perfect, but especially relationships. Young love, middle of the road love, and even finding love when you are older after divorce - it will always be a struggle to maintain. You have to be willing to put that fight into it or risk losing everything you want in the relationship. Something that Richie writes about during this EP and clearly has a grasp on at a very young age. His writing skills are very in tune with what a lot of people want to listen to because everyone goes through heartache and finding love. I look forward to hearing what the young singer/songwriter comes out with next!

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