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  • Andrew Perkins

Exploring Allie X Universe

Life is full of guilty pleasures. I for one love exploring new sounds. Touching a new vinyl release, opening a fresh CD, anticipating the first awe inspiring listen of a digital download.

Allie X fulfilled those guilty pleasures in one simple listen through ten complex and enchanting songs. CollXtion 2 captured the spirit of a cohesive set of lyrically genius tunes. Although Allie X would argue her X universe she has created isn’t so well ordered. I would suggest she organizes her universe perfectly. Perhaps so we can embrace the journey as if walking side by side in this overwhelming land.

Paper Love sets the stage with vivid imagery and seductive lyrics. “I know that boy’s gonna rip me up ,cause he ain’t that nice, he won’t do right he’ll leave a nasty cut.” Allie X garners all the her descriptive powers pulling the audience into this torrid maze of love, lust, heartache.

The next offering is Vintage. A dreamy pop love song with perfectly timed riffs. Akin to a soft breezy summer day. Perfectionism at its best.

My personal favorite is an electronica dance inspired anthem Casanova. Allie X elicits strong feelings of pain with “One Hail Mary for the hole in my heart.” Traversing a chasm of undeniable lust and pain. Allie X times a solid hook with the lyrics that bring heartfelt angst and understanding of unrequited yearning.

What one can glean from this strong selection of pure artistry is that Allie X is a gem and we need to support her incredible contribution to musical performance.

Take a listen. You won’t be disappointed.


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