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Zac Clark What A Surprise

"I don't want to lose you now. I don't want to lose the chance, to love you later. Meet me when the moon gets full." Zac Clark sings these gorgeous words on his self titled album. The song Love You Later immediately caught my attention as I played the vinyl record for the first time recently. What is particularly interesting is the fact I became somewhat familiar with Zac as I photographed him at The Forecastle Music Festival a few years ago with Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness.

Fast forward and I had another opportunity to shoot Andrew McMahon and was checking out the merch after the first set. Zac's album was there and I generally buy a poster or something from most shows I shoot. So I purchased this album. What can I say other than I love it!

There's something else that makes Zac a special performer. And that is I then purchased another album from him. And today that music arrived. Low and behold he places a nice note in the album thanking me for my support as well as autographs the album cover. Wow! Thank you Zac and thank you for your wonderful talent…..take a listen to Love You Later...

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